Markdown Coupons Can Lower the Price of Grand Canyon Helicopters

The Strip is not the only thing in Vegas that offers excitement and a great time. Helicopter flights fit right into that description. Grand Canyon helicopters fly from Vegas to the West Rim every day of the year, including holidays. These tours are priced very reasonably and they are worth every penny. That being said, coupons and other limits make them even more affordable.

Helicopter Flying

Plenty of people travel to Arizona or Las Vegas just to see the Grand Canyon. In the event that you will be setting out from somewhere in AZ, you will do the South Rim. Helicopter tours originating in Vegas visit the West Rim. On the off chance that you will be based in Sin City however you’d rather see the South Rim, consider booking a plane tour that flies directly to GCA. You will be there in less than 60 minutes, and you will see some magnificent views along the way. Once you land at GCA, you can board a chopper for your South Rim tour.

Tips to Lower the Cost

  • Book early. By booking ahead, you will save money and have a better choice of tours and flight times. I always suggest booking at least a week in advance (two is even better). Helicopter tours are popular. Seats sell out fast.
  • Buy online, right on the tour company’s website. Does not accepting from middlemen like Travelocity, Expedia or Viator – you will pay more that way. Making things worse, their cancellation policies are not anywhere near as generous as the policies of the tour companies themselves.
  • Be flexible about flight times. Normally, morning and sunset tours are pricier than flights between noon and 3 p.m. Additionally, often they have fewer open seats. Late morning tours are cheaper, and their greater seat availability makes them appealing for many people who are traveling in gatherings.
  • Use a markdown coupon in the event that you can. Sometimes called promotion codes, coupons represent limits that can reduce the price of Grand Canyon helicopters significantly – especially deluxe tours. They are difficult to find and the greater part of them expire pretty rapidly, yet I do keep a rundown of current coupons on my site. In the event that you find one you like, use it rapidly, before it expires.

Presently here’s one tip that will sound weird: upgrade for more value. I know upgrading to the deluxe version would not lower your tour’s cost, yet it will give you more bang for your buck. Whether you are booking an air-only or landing tour, the upgraded version will give you some important benefits:

  1. More airtime on South Rim tours. The basic South RimĀ Perfect helicopter tour is in the air for 30 minutes, yet the upgraded version knocks that as long as 50 minutes.
  1. Deluxe tours use EcoStar 130 helicopters. The cabin will be roomier and more comfortable (25% larger, and stadium-style seating) than in other Grand Canyon helicopters. The sightseeing’s better too – EcoStars are equipped with 180-degree wraparound windshields.
  1. Landing packages include the services of an experienced guide. In the event that you have questions, you will get answers. You will also get some interesting inside information about the canyon.