How to eat Durian?

To safeguard your hands, breaking a durian’s thick, prickly shell frequently necessitates the use of gloves or mittens. You must use a knife to break the shell and pull it apart with help of your hands prior to delicately extracting the durian pulp. You may then consume it by itself, with glutinous rice, or even as a component in a variety of cuisines. It is very simple to¬†buy durian online Singapore.

On the internet, you may discover lessons about how to cut durian fruits as well as various cuisines. The pulp is also available chilled, which affects the texture somewhat, leaving it smoother and stringier. Durian is often utilized in processed dishes like sweets. However, while this will give you a taste of the flavor, it will not supply you with many health advantages.

Durian could purchase fresh or refrigerated and eaten alone or mixed with other items in cuisines.

Why does it smell so strongly?

The fragrance of durian is controversial. Some individuals enjoy it, whereas others despise it. The odor has been characterized as a mixture of sulfur, sewerage, fruits, honey, and burnt and decomposing onions.

A research of the aromatic molecules in durian discovered forty-four active chemicals, some of which add to the aromas of musk, toffee, rotten egg, fruits, and stew spice. The scent of the durian is so strong that it is prohibited in several restaurants and public transportation systems.

Your image of the fruits is determined by how intensely you aroma the sweetie flavor or unpleasant chemicals.