For Disabled People, Wheelchair Transport Service Singapore Is Saviour

For senior citizens and other wheelchair-dependent people, it becomes challenging to move. They fail to utilize public transportation, which restricts their movement freedom. For people who use wheelchairs, public vehicles are not suited. Therefore, wheelchair transport services are at the rescue to make it easy for such people. The chief aim of these services is to make senior citizens and disabled people feel more independent. The burden on family members and caregivers might reduce such people. wheelchair transport services singapore is an instance like each country offers these services.


  • No pain- Depending on the disability’s state, the process can be painful while moving back and out of a wheelchair, resulting in both physical and mental pain. It can be avoided as their vehicles are particularly for passengers with wheelchairs.
  • Comfort- It makes trip effortless with no inconvenience room as while reaching out for wheelchair-accessible transportation, there is access to convenient drop-ups and pick-ups.
  • Time-saving- When it comes to a business person, these transportation services save the hassle and time of getting out and in public transportation. Further, it is a reliable option if going for long or short business trips.

Singapore’s wheelchair transport service

  • Caring Fleet
  • Handicaps Welfare Association
  • Silver Fleet
  • A&S Transportation Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Red Cross
  • London Can Services Singapore


It can be concluded that wheelchair transport services can work as a savior for people who need wheelchair assistance. This will offer them the move freely independence without family members’ assistance.